Other upgrades

Special upgrades

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have made a large number of upgrades that deviate from our standard offer in order to meet customers’ needs.

Special upgrades for the transport of hazardous goods

Hazardous substances are substances that may endanger human health, cause environmental pollution or material damage and have hazardous properties for human health and the environment. That is why we have ensured that such upgrades comply with the highest standard for the transport of such substances in road transport.


Ship ice chambers

According to the needs of fishermen, such chambers are designed to be mounted on boat decks and to maintain the temperature of the catch until further transport of goods. An ice machine for ice production is placed on the upper part of the chamber.


Specialized upgrades for mortuary transport

This upgrade secures the coffin during transport and the chamber is insulated in order to prevent odours from leaking into the vehicle cabin and to preserve the temperature.