Food Truck

Food Trucks or mobile catering facilities are increasingly sought after products, the execution of which depends on your needs. The vehicle is insulated with electricity and water connections, side flap doors and front or rear entrance doors. We also offer the possibility of fitting catering equipment in agreement with our specialized suppliers.

We usually produce three different types of facilities: a mobile catering facility on a chassis, mobile catering facility on a trailer and mobile shop van.

Mobile catering facility on a chassis

The mobile catering facility is made on the vehicle chassis, the size of which is defined by the length of the vehicle. The advantage of this upgrade is that it can tow a separate refrigerator made on a trailer of category O1 or O2.


The image shows a multi-temperature chamber that is divided into two parts. One part has the possibility of cooling to -20°C and the other to +0°C, which allows the user to store more food products that require different temperature regimes.


Mobile catering facility on a trailer

A mobile catering facility on a trailer is a favourite among caterers because it allows them to transport the facility on a trailer with their own car which can then be used separately.


Mobile shop van

The insulated upgrade intended for the transport and sale of floral, bakery and other food and non-food products is manufactured with multi-level wooden, aluminium or stainless steel shelves and a counter to ensure all the necessary minimum hygienic and sanitary as well as technical conditions.