In business we very often deal with the customers’ needs to install certain accessories on the chamber or the vehicle itself. You will find some of the most common add-ons below, but we are always ready to acquire and install others at your request.

Cold curtain:

It will ensure maintenance of proper temperature in the chamber when unloading the goods.

Door Lock:

The sturdy stainless steel lock is easy to use.

Indoor lighting:

Illumination inside the chamber for greater visibility with energy-saving and long-lasting LED lights.

Comfortable step:

An additional step makes it easier for suppliers to load and unload goods.

Multi-temperature system:

A transverse or longitudinal partition wall system allows you to transport goods that require different temperature regimes.

Cargo insurance:

Meat rails and holders for fixed or folding shelves will make it easier for you to transport food.

Roof opening:

A roof opening for refrigeration units above the cockpit maintains the height of the existing vehicle and saves fuel.

Drainage duct:

It will serve best to fishermen as the fluid of the catch will not be retained in the vehicle.


Installation of airbags on rear wheels ensures greater vehicle stability.

Temperature data logger:

Continuous temperature control in the chamber during transport and unloading of goods.

Cooling devices:

Various cooling devices from reputable world-wide manufacturers are used to maintain the temperature during transport or when the vehicle is stationary. You can read more about refrigerators here.